How My Dog Saves Me From Christmas

Back in early December I put out a blog post about how to avoid stress over the holidays.  I thought I would share a moment I had with Norman my basset hound that certainly added some smiles and some giggles.  These moments have saved me from spiraling into the holiday abyss and I encourage you to find some of these moments of your own.

Have you ever thought it was hilarious to feed your dog animal crackers?  I know my vet would likely think it is not the best food for my dog but how many other chances is he going to get to eat an elephant or a buffalo.  Why deprive him of his primal urges.  Right?

Norman in position for the elephant cracker attack and yes those are his legs behind him…


mmmm maybe just a taste


Buffalo never tasted so good

The reality is that animals can be a tremendous support for us when the going gets tough.  Spend some time with an animal friend this holiday season for a little comfort and joy.




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