Are your hands giving away your age?

When it comes to the battle of aging beautifully we focus nearly all of our attention on our faces and maybe our neckline but there is one more part of our body that is constantly on show.  Our hands.  They are waving hello, shaking the hand of a new personal introduction, they are communicating as you are speaking and overwhelmingly they are abused.

If you really want to know someone’s age you are much more likely to guess correctly by first looking at his or her hands.  You have all noticed that woman with a beautiful youthful face, voluminous and healthful looking hair and it seems impossible to guess her age.  Then you spot her hands and in complete contrast you see thin skinned, wrinkly, brown spotted hands and then in dawns on you that she is much older than she looks.

So if you already have a tied and true daily regimen for a beautiful face why not also work on protecting your hands from the tell tale signs of aging.

Here are 4 tips to include in your daily hand anti-aging strategy.

1.  Protect your hands with sunscreen of at least SPF 30.  This is critically important because hands suffer with sun damage too. Reapplication throughout the day is also important since we wash our hands so much throughout the day. We strongly suggest a natural safer choice sunscreen with healthful moisturizing oils such as avocado, shea butter and jojoba oil. Some natural sunscreens also provide wonderful anti-oxidants for the skin like rich green tea and rose hip.

Are your hands giving away your age?

Personally, I am the first to admit I am always much more concerned about slathering my face with sun protection than other parts of my body.  Take a look at your hands. When I really looked over my hands carefully I was surprised that I had more sun damage (brown spots) and wrinkles on my hands than on my face.

2.  The texture of the skin on my hands is terrible compared to my face which receives wonderful gentle cleansers, exfoliation, serums, moisturizers and..etc. Many dermatologists recommend using the same anti-aging skin care regimen you would for your face for your hands too.  This begins the process of correcting the damage already in progress and works to prevent further skin aging.  Wearing cotton gloves overnight after moisturizing can provide further skin benefit.are your hands giving away your age?

3.  Wear gloves in circumstances where you are being heavily exposed to the sun or giving your hands significant abuse.  Gloves are great for working around the home where cleaning agents can strip away protective moisturizing skin oils.  They can also provide sun protection when working in the yard or playing a round of golf.

are your hands giving away your age?

4.  Keep nourishing lotions nearby and apply them throughout the day.  This practice will keep your hands from getting dry which will also contribute to your anti-aging regimen.

So just let people TRY to guess your age by looking at your hands. Wink.. wink..


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