2 Must Haves for Your Backpack

What goes in a backpack?

Baseline, two things water and your goal.

What’s in your minds eye? What do you want to do with your day? What are you looking to get out of this adventure? By setting a goal for yourself and picking something you want to achieve gives the feeling of success and accomplishment. Starting a new hobby, can be daunting and feel like discouraging work to anyone trying to work toward self betterment or just a change of perspective.

Life by u living hike in the woods


Putting on a backpack and heading outdoors should be something empowering, enjoyable and realistic for your fitness level, and desires. That’s why I say ignore the hobbyists, magazines and gadget stores and plan your day to be what you desire to experience. It may be just as simple as sitting on a bench in the park watching people go by, or finding a place that is your definition of solitude. Maybe even ramp it up for a fast walk down the trail to empower you to eat a wicked good hamburger afterwords.
 Life by U Living Hiking Back Pack
Whenever you find yourself getting inspired to wander into the great outdoors. Remember the the most important part of packing your bag is getting out there and experiencing your own adventure; pack accordingly.

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