About Us

About Life by U Living

Today more than ever people struggle to balance the critical key elements required to live a happier, healthier and more relevant life.   I am no different than you.  In 2013 and 2014, my family experienced significant health crises.  Most people looking in from the outside would have thought we had it all;  great careers, positive finances, long standing marriage, two beautiful children and a wonderful extended family.  Appearances could not have been more wrong and my story is no different from yours.

Given my background experience I knew there was no magical cure, no pill in a bottle or surgical intervention that was going to things right again.  I started my journey by throwing out all of my preconceived ideas about what traditional medicine and what life was about.   I took a huge step back and examined all of life’s elements.  I found big holes in most of them for me.

Life by U Living is a life journey philosophy that has helped my family improve our health, find joy, take better control of our lives and find the courage to take a different path.  Life by U Living focuses on a simple approach to consistent fulfillment of 7 basic human life elements of a life circle. No one life element stands on it’s own and each element builds on others within the circle.


The process of designing a life for yourself begins with examining where you are and defining what each element means to you.  The next step is establishing a commitment to nurturing each element everyday.  Sound like a huge effort?   It is not because every moment or bit of time you commit counts no matter how small.   Throughout the Life By U Living website we will be bringing to you concepts, tips and ideas to help you on your path. My hope is that my journey of creating a life designed by me helps you create a life designed by you.

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